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And rightly so!

The good news, there is! It's on the way. It's probably the first of many. Edgeless Casino is the name of the new casino operator, it's been created by a team of Lithuanian and German gambling experts, and if they can get this right they could very easily start taking a lot of us away from their regular casino counterparts.

The idea behind Edgeless is very similar to the way that betting exchanges work, and is proposing the connection of opposing thinking punters to allow the striking of a bet. In the case of roulette, for example, it'll connect one casino player who wants to bet red on a spin, with an opposing player who wants to bet black.

Edgeless makes its money by taking this a step further, and allowing punters the chance to trade back a bet or parts of it before the final outcome is known. They then take a cut of this trade.

And all this is carried out on a platform which runs on the new crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Which of course is where the transparency comes in. Anything can be audited on these type platforms, and it's impossible to be scammed. To be precise, wagers will be placed using the Ethereum blockchain which allows the creation of completely transparent smart contracts. These facilitate all types of currency and business related financial transactions.

It remains to be seen if the idea will really get off the ground and start attracting casino regulars. If it does, then Edgeless also hope to offer forms of sportsbetting and other gambling games in future. We'll know soon enough because edgeless are kicking off a Crowdfunding campaign on 28th Feb 2017 which aims to raise the development money.

Edgeless are planning to offer blackjack at first, followed by dice games and video poker. You'll notice that in all of these your odds of winning can be improved by optimum strategic play, and each has been chosen because Edgeless believe they'll appeal to casino gamers who want to try out the no house edge games.

In the meantime, if you're intending playing casino games to try and win some cash, you're better off sticking with my recommended way of enjoying casino gaming - by playing in online slots tournaments. But by the same token don't forget that the best ways to try and win money - and those that put the edge firmly in your favour - are found by playing money games that involve skill in determining the outcome.

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No House Edge Casino Games

No House Edge Casino Games
Everyone knows that playing games at a casino is most likely to end up with the loss of your starting cash. Irrelevant of whether you're playing online or at a live establishment.

And we all know the reason for that is that casinos have a house edge built into all the games they offer. Precisely the reason that many casino games fans prefer the free games available at the raft of social casinos that have appeared over recent years.

It's this house edge that ensures the odds of winning are always tilted in the casino's favour. In the long run, they'll always win. Find a casino that runs games with no house edge and you'll automatically start to improve your winning chances.

And another problem facing us punters is the lack of transparency in traditional online casinos. Do we really know that the games are fair and random? We have no view of what's happening in the casino operators servers!

So what if there was the prospect of playing different types of casino games with no house edge built in, along with the guarantee that we couldn't be cheated in any way. You'd probably be very interested in finding out more, right?