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Expert Tips On How To Choose The Best UK Slots Websites

If you're new to online wagering, slots sites are the perfect choice for entertainment while making your first profits from the rich bonus structures.

And you can be playing within seconds after you've registered on the sites.

Not only are they're fun and fast paced, but they're also easy to master and by following our basic tips and learning more about some of the recommended slots’ strategies give chances of bringing quicker payments to your bankroll for  minimal effort.

Everyone who has an internet connection can find out how to play slots for real money at the top betting websites. This is why it makes for a perfect past time for all the novice bettors.
Plus you can play on all types of devices - mobile slots apps are a fairly new addition to the sea of online slots sites, but the games follow the same logic as those you can play from a PC or laptop.

So, don’t waste more time and take your hobby to the next level! Everyone starts from somewhere when they decide to bet more seriously. Where you’d start and what next steps you’d take will be crucial for developing your betting preferences and winning strategies.

To take away the frustration that might follow after reading numerous contradictory betting reviews, we’ve gathered the ultimate guide of expert tips on how to find the best slots sites and to start playing.

Understand How Slots Work Before you Spin the Reels

Unlike poker, slots are based on pure luck, and there are no bluffing skills to master before you roll your sleeves up and start playing. If you consider yourself extremely unlucky, then you'd probably think that it's impossible to win good money on slots or even to make a living out of it.

But there are people who are doing it at this very moment but with the right attitude. Positive thinking and enjoying the games is what took them lengths in their wagering careers.

That said you have to first understand how slots operate and how to turn this knowledge into a winning strategy.

Online slots are generated by an online number generator on the websites, and the result of your bet is determined by the click of the mouse and not by anything that you can influence. Knowing that where the reels stop is generated at random, you’ve probably guessed by now that it’s generally very hard to spot a pattern, so don’t expect to win at every turn of the reel.

However, bettors in the UK are more privileged than the rest, as British slots sites are obliged to disclose the odds or the Return To Player (RTP) percentage of the slot games they feature. This information is crucial when choosing the best paying slots online. Consider it a warning sign if you can’t find this information on your casino site.

The RTP can be found on the paytable icon in the game and follows the logic of sportsbooks odds, as it simply represents the percentage of how much of your bet you'd be paid for winning a pay line. For example, an RTP of 94% will pay you back £94 for every £100 you place on this slot.

Aim for playing on RTP slots of over 95% and bear in mind that the percentage is calculated over time and not separately for every single game, so the most popular online slot games are always a safe bet, as many punters are likely to play them at the same time.

For those looking to outsmart the computer, it will be worth mentioning that there are many online calculators and you can use a good formula to estimate the slots odds that may give chances of overcoming the chance aspect slightly and turning the profit more towards the player rather than the house.

Find the Best Slots Sites To Play

Contrary to traditional slots that feature 3 to 5 pay lines, video slots feature over 50 different pay lines. However, this doesn’t mean that you’d make more money on slots with video games, as these take longer the load on the page and pay back far lower returns than the traditional slots to compensate for the time the betting site is not making a profit.

Also, slots with more than 5 pay lines that have between 20 and 25 symbols have much more combinations than the traditional games, making it almost impossible to hit a winning combination if you don’t place money on more pay lines than usual. Similar to bingo, your chances of winning increase with the number of pay lines you choose to bet on.

The more the better, but bear in mind that each different pay line will cost you a different price ranging from a cent to several pounds each.

Playing on higher variance and betting on more pay lines naturally increases your odds to win, but lower variance pay lines provide a good alternative if you want to play longer, although for a marginal return. This multitude of different pay lines makes it even more frustrating for
new bettors to find the best slots games.

All this is why it is important to look for certifications such as Technical Systems Testing that assert that the software has been rigorously tested, with a good place to start being trustworthy reference casino sites, such as SlotsWebsites.org, which feature reviews of the best software slot providers.

It is also important to shop around and play on more than five slots sites that provide good welcome bonuses, free games and the option to cash out using an e-wallet account to monetize your earnings quicker than with a usual bank card. Finding good slots tournaments against real players instead of the house is also a good alternative strategy to keep your bankroll well balanced.

Choose the Best Types of Slots Games Online and on Mobile

As a rule of thumb, the recommendation is to stick to simpler, more traditional slot games, as those other flashing new games are just there to lure you into betting more money without a real return on your investment.

3-reel slot games or the single line slots are a typical example of the simplest, yet well-paying games.

5-reel slots represent a newer version of the traditional slot that makes for more pay lines but usually brings more benefit to the operator than the players.

If you’re on a mission to beat the house and make as much as you can on top of your investment, stick to the basic slots and don't just play one game at a time.

Progressive slots that link several slot games together offer an amazing opportunity to cash out real fortunes, but they drag players into betting on long odds with a higher than average risk, making each bet extremely costly.

A good alternative to the progressive machines are the bonus and multi-bonus slots.

Generally, the more complicated and appealing the game is, the lower your chance will be to win on your bets. This is due to the fact that the house has to make a profit on the better experience and excitement they cater for.

At the end of the day, the money you’d make on online slots depends on your initial capital and betting style. It is a matter of preference, but also a matter of managing your bankroll wisely to fare well at any higher-stake games you choose to wager on.

For the best chance of positive results, set a winning and losing balance relative to your initial bankroll and monitor the costs of the pay lines you chose to bet on. Looking at the slots games positively as a winner was the first step you took today. Now it’s time to think about slots rspective of return on your investments.