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Deposit vs. No-Deposit Free Spins

Free spins deals that do not require a deposit typically give you between 10 and 20 spins. These are on selected slots (ie:those selected by the casino itself, you won’t get to choose). These are $1 / £1 per spin.

Online casinos also offer extra free spins if you decide to deposit. Many offer 100 or more spins. This is on top of your matched welcome bonus.

Both offers come with terms attached. If you understand what to look out for, you will be in a great position to spot the genuinely decent offers from those which are simply trying to lure players in.

Typical Terms for No-Deposit Free Spins

Here are some of the key ‘small print’ terms to look out for:

Winnings Cap: Many no-deposit offers will put a cap on how much you can win. Sometimes this is as low as $15 or $20.

Play-Through Requirements: Most casinos will ask you to play your winnings a certain number of times. This can be anything from 20x to 50x. Look for deals with the lowest play-through requirements.

Deposit to Cash Out: This is the trickiest term of all. Some casinos will ask for a deposit (along with Id verification) before they allow you to cash out any winnings. When combined with a small win cap, and large play-through, this can quickly make the offer unprofitable.

There may be further small print traps. These include a limit on your bet size when clearing bonuses. Some casinos will void your bonus unless you stick to an ‘approved’ games list.

Many casinos offer reasonable terms for no-deposit deals. These allow you to start a casino bankroll with no risk to your own money. Conversely, bad terms mean you should steer clear - even if the offer looks like something for nothing.

Jackpots and Free Spins

Some casinos allow you a shot at a progressive jackpot with your no-deposit free spins. While the chances of hitting these are small - this can give you a shot at winning some big money. I have even seen a combination of capped regular wins, with a shot at a jackpot on top.
If you are looking for that slim chance of potentially life-changing money, these could be the right offers for you.

Are the Bigger Deposit Free Spins Worth Chasing?

For me, the deposit free spins are much better value. Keep in mind that you will need to risk some of your own cash to get them.
Many casinos offer 100 or even more free spins to new depositors. What you should look for is an offer with a low ($ / £20) minimum deposit. You’ll also get a matched welcome bonus of between 100% and 200% on that deposit.

Casinos vary in how they give you the deposit free spins. Some will spread these out - for example 20 per day. Some will specify the slot which you can play on, while others will let you play any slot. If you get a choice, choose games with lower volatility. These will give you the best shot at getting some cash out.

As with the no-deposit deals, there are plenty of clauses in the terms and conditions to look out for. Caps are common, though typically higher than for no-deposit offers. You will almost always need to play though your winnings before you can make a withdrawal.

You will also need to clear the matched deposit part of your bonus. Make sure you know the betting limits, weightings on different games and aware of any banned games.

You will also need to make sure you do not get your account flagged for ‘bonus abuse’. The most common way to do so is to bet on both red and black on the roulette tables.

Wrapping Up: Free Spins Can Win You Money - If You Pick the Best Deals

It might sound like free spins bonus deals are too big a risk for those looking to win money. While this is true for some casinos - there are some worthwhile offers out there.

Look for deals without caps on your winnings, and with terms which are on the player-friendly side. If you have some money to risk, the deposit free spins deals are often much better.

Now it is just a matter of getting lucky when you play that slot!

These offers include play-through requirements, caps on the money you can win - and sometimes you’ll need to deposit before you can withdraw any money you've 'won' from the spins.

Whether you're an experienced player or new to real money casino gaming, using them can be a fun way to try and win some cash from playing slots games.

On this page we'll take a look at what you need to look for and how you can win money from these free spins deals.
Free Spins Can be Profitable - If You Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Online casinos offer free spins - often with no deposit needed - to attract new players. They figure that enough players will eventually deposit to make these offers profitable. Taking advantage of these types of promotional offers is often a no brainer, as long as you're cautious and understand how they work.

You can win money from these deals, though understanding the tricks
online casinos use to limit their losses is important.