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6 Ways To Win Money In 2018

Most of the ways to win money you'll find here on winmoney101.com are of course timeless. They're opportunities which might have worked for you at any time in the past or the future.

And there are plenty of them, with good examples including betting on current events such as reality TV shows, playing good old fashioned bingo, or practicing your strategy in online poker. For any one of us, one of those opportunities (and a choice of a dozen or so others) might turn out to be your best of winning some extra cash.

Just think, for very little effort, you could enjoy some nice financial returns (although there are some risks associated, particularly wherever you're risking your own cash to try and win more). So let's take a look at some half dozen great ways to make the attempt to fill up your pockets with some crispy notes. 

Sports Betting

Unsurprisingly, sports remain one of the most popular topics to bet on, whether you are predicting the score and/or results of a football game, who'll win the big tennis tournament,  or who will finish in the latest Grand Prix race.

Betting on sports does give you a realistically good chance to use your knowledge and experience to try and turn a profit.

Events Betting

Not interested in sports? There are certainly lots of other things that you can bet on. For example, who will be the next person to be eliminated from the likes of The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing? If a more positive approach is more your thing, then why not try to predict who the overall winner will be?

Sometimes these popular TV competitions have a clear winner from the get-go, but on other occasions, it can be too close to call and it could be anyone’s game!


While it can take a bit of your time, completing online surveys is a great way to get money too. Although they don't exactly fall into the bracket of 'winning money' they can be a reasonably effective way to make some.

In fact, there are a variety of different companies out there who are waiting for consumers, like you, to provide their thoughts in return for products or payment. Even a simple search in a search engine can win you money.


Online market trading is also an option - you don’t even have to be a trading expert and some platforms give you a free trial to practice before you are set loose in the “real world”. Winning money through online market trading is increasing in popularity with sites like eToro expanding to over 4.5 million users worldwide, so you would be joining in on a growing trend.

If online trading isn’t your thing, however, why not use your own skills to earn money. If you are web savvy, why not become a tester via Usertesting.com where a 20-minute test will earn you around £6.50.

Playing Skill Games

One of the easiest ways to win money is to play games of skill online. If this grabs your interest - and there are a lot of reasons why it should - then you have various options.

Poker is a great example of a skill-based game. Not only can you play from the comfort of your own home, but you can play in real-time against people from all over the world. Once you've got your head around the rules and how to play it’s almost certain that you will get the “bug” and who knows, you might want to take it to the next level by visiting a local casino. Before you do though, make sure
you study up on etiquette.

Aside from poker you can of course play some casino games which have elements of strategic play to them which will improve your winning chances, and for anyone into their video gaming there are some great websites that offer video game based contests against other players.


Lastly, there are also lots of competitions out there where you can win “free money”. And while many of these competitions are legitimate, be wary of anyone who is asking you to pay to play. Check out websites like My Offers and Money Saving Expert for further hints and tips on how to win.


Whether you’re looking for extra money for Christmas, for that ultimate special occasion like a wedding or birthday or perhaps you are saving up for a new car or house, trying to get some extra cash by winning it could be a valid option to increase your income. And there are many ways to accomplish this goal including entering competitions, playing poker or enjoying an online bet.