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The Pros Of Playing Casino Games Online

The glitz and glamour of the casino is a truly unique experience. An evening of smart clothes, great drinks and thrilling games is the stuff memories are made of!

That said, it might surprise you to hear that more and more gamblers are opting to seek their excitement in an
online casino instead of at a potentially expensive-to-visit  bricks and mortar venue.
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But why is this?

Land casinos aren’t doing anything wrong, they still offer an experience you just can’t get online, but the numbers don’t lie: online casinos have been booming for some time now.

The reason why is actually fairly simple, there are some major benefits to playing online that appeal to the modern gambler. Let’s have a look at 4 key benefits you'll get from staying at home if you're looking to try and win some cash at real money casino gaming:

1. Convenience

The biggest draw is, by far and away, the sheer convenience of just pulling out your phone or tablet and tapping a few buttons to start playing.

If you want to spend an evening playing Blackjack at the casino , you need to get home, get changed, head out to the casino and spend the evening having to keep a hawk-like eye on the tables to make sure you get in as soon as possible if you’re unlucky and it’s a busy night.

This doesn’t compare very well to the online casino where all you need to do is get home and… well, log in. If you take the bus or train home you could even start playing on the commute.

There’s a definite appeal to doing a proper night out of course, dressed to the nines and spending it with friends while you play some casino games, but the online experience is that much more relaxed and accessible, the convenience alone  sets it above and beyond. Not to mention the fact you can play just about any game whenever you feel like it rather than having to wait for a spot at the table, that is a pretty major plus!

2. Free Trials

This is something that you’re  not likely to get at a casino unless you’re really lucky - if you manage to drop in around early afternoon  in the middle of the week and with no one else taking up a table you might be able to get the dealer to show you how the game works  for free -  but you’re not likely to get any personal face-to-face practice in if you go on a busy Saturday night.

This isn’t a problem with online casinos because, firstly, how busy the casino is will very rarely have an effect on how the experience goes, and secondly, there are free trial versions of most of the games! If you want to master a particular slot game, being able to play the whole game for free gives you a definite advantage.

If you make sure you avail yourself of these types of free trials before having a go at the full game, you’re sure to see an improvement in your understanding that can help you get used to the mechanics before you start spending money.

3. Welcome Bonuses

As a booming industry, online casinos have to be pretty competitive in order to get customers through their virtual doors. The competition is much fiercer than the ones you’ll get between land-based casinos purely because there’s such a great number  of them, and this competition means that online casinos will nearly all have extremely enticing sign-up bonuses.

These offers will vary from place to place and will feature a variety of different rules and restrictions on them which are designed to attract certain customers, but these bonuses are a major factor that makes online casinos more appealing than bricks and mortar ones.

In the interests of honesty, we should add that high roller bonuses and complimentary features for big spenders in land casinos can be pretty generous in their own right, but as they’re reserved for the elite gamblers, sign-up bonuses are more appealing for most people as they’re more likely to get to use them.

Always remember though that bonuses come with strings attached. They'll be clearly shown in the terms and conditions, and sometimes they'll end up making the offer less attractive than it first appears.

4. A Wider Selection of Games

This one’s a bit of a generalisation, but by and large it holds true that you’ll get a much wider selection of games when you play online than you’ll get in a land casino, just because they don’t have the same practical limitations. While you can only fit so many slot machines into the physical space of a casino, you could have a hundred different games going at once in an online space, all of which are available immediately with no waiting for the machine to be freed up.

The same holds true for all the games, different variations of old favourites like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps make it easy to enjoy a new experience while playing something tried and tested.

This rule won’t hold for all online casinos or all land casinos - some well-established land casinos will just be bigger than a brand-new start-up and can afford to get the most expensive and lucrative slots installed, but as a rule of thumb it holds true
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