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Tips In College Basketball Spread Betting
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While the NCAA this year is coming back stronger, it opens format changes. The event will only take place in a single venue, which is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Also, the audience participation is still tentative as the NCAA would like to observe full health protocols. The number of games per venue will also be limited to follow the sanitation procedure.

Although there is quite a different format to know in the upcoming NCAA games, the betting games remain the same.
March Madness will still give the most popular wagering games like the Point Spread and Money Lines. If you are aiming to bet and win at the NCAA betting games, here are some winning tips to follow.

3-Pointers V.S. Points in the Paint

A team that focuses more on acquiring consistent points than those who are relying on three-pointers is more susceptible to winning. In NCAA games, some of the groups aim to win the match with the most number of three points. While this is great,  paying attention to those groups who make consistent points in the paint is better.

It is applicable, especially when betting the Spread and Money Lines. Technically, it's harder to see a team that relies heavily on three-points. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if the team you wager on is mostly earning two-points. As long as they're consistent, then it's a good bet to take a risk.

Know Every Team's Schedule

Schedules, including the seeding games, are another important tip you should mind before picking a bet. NCAA highlights more scheduled games in a week compared to the NBA and NFL. With this, some teams who are scheduled to play four or five times in a week are probably getting tired more than those who take two or three games.

Aside from that, checking the schedule would allow you to see if they need to travel. Since the NCAA today is happening in one location only,  travel time may no longer affect it. But, knowing which teams are matching-up and the current standing they are into the seeding helps you pick the right team to bet on.

Favorites V.S. Underdogs

The biggest challenge you face in sports betting is choosing between the favorites and underdogs. It is a continuous debate in the sports betting industry since then. The favorites are chosen to be in their position if they have won many games in the past or get higher odds than their rivals.

On the other hand, the underdogs were in their position because their lines are a bit lower than the other team. Apart from that, they may have lost tremendously in their previous games. As a bettor, you have to weigh your options when choosing these two bets. Remember that favorites don't win all the way, and dogs don't usually bark at the wrong tree.

Look Out for Moving Lines

If you are an expert bettor, looking into the line movements may not be a problem. But for some who bet in the NCAA for the first time, looking out for the moving lines are a bit challenging. Do know that bookies are more than just mathematicians who entices you with the given odds so you can't win.

Not only that, but newbie bettors are betting using their hearts and not their heads. Although you got a team to back all the way, it's still best to understand and think whether they can win when they have a stronger team to face. Ensure that you know how to compare every two competing teams' fate based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Find the Right Match-Up

The 2021 NCAA features 68 teams to cover the whole season. There is no definite number of games that each team will work from the start until the end of the season.

You have to find the right match-up, where your entry will get the most edge of winning than their rivals. It is only not determined based on the odds, but you can also identify this if your team has a more solid line-up compared to their rivals.


The best way to use betting strategies in the NCAA is to learn to incorporate them in the betting techniques you already built. Also, you have to understand that sports betting is gambling, and winning is based on luck. As such, when you wager in the upcoming March Madness season, counting on the tips above is a great help.

Headlining the top sporting games to happen this year is the 2021 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball. It is the newest edition of the March Madness season after swinging last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will feature the 68 standard teams representing the different collegiate teams in the United States.