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Using Skill To Win At Casino Slots Games

Developing a skill based slot machine for online use is not easy, and it may well be that we'll see the first skill based casino games in land based establishments. Already there are reports that a Mexico City based manufacturer - Merkur Gaming - are working on an orb shaped device where the player sits inside playing slots type games but with some form of skill bias.

Even though the land based casinos might get there first, their online counterparts won't be too far behind. Remember that playing skill games for cash prizes is a form of gambling that's legal in many states in the US, and certainly so in many other regulated jurisdictions. There's a potential big prize for any operators that can offer skill based slots gaming at their online properties.

So why is it difficult for a manufacturer to come up with the goods?

The answer is that they'll need to met the regulatory requirements that will make the gaming legal. They'll need to develop slots that work on the basis that skill determines the outcome more than luck, and be able to prove it in the gameplay.

The first examples we're likely to see work by combining skill and luck, for example you may be able to play a word game, get the right answer using skill and knowledge, and then get awarded a slots spin as a prize. Gamblit are one firm already working on this type of gaming.

Further on there's the promise of older video game titles being turned into hit machines on the casino floor. Games you might remember playing 15 or 20 years ago, which needed considerable expertise and hand-eye co-ordination to master.

Imagine playing some form of space invaders in a slot-machine style with cash prizes! The day may not be too far off. Equally it's only a matter of time before the social casino sites start to offer skill based slots in their portfolios, my bet is on the excellent Celebrity World social gaming site being among the first.

To get some idea of what might be on offer in future in the style of traditional slot gaming, we can look back to the past here too. Some of you might remember the slots that used to be fairly common which carried a skill stop feature on the reels. The video below might remind you.
If I told you there were ways to win money playing slots games where you could use an element of skill to determine the outcome, you could be forgiven for believing I was having a delusional moment.

We all know that winning at slots is based on pure random computer algorythms and luck, right?

And the only way you can win without risking a whole bundle of cash is to play slots tournaments where there's a low outlay but you still get to enjoy the game and maybe win some cash.

Now the casino game manufacturers appear to be cottoning on to the fact that younger generation gamers - bought up on a diet of complex skill-based console video games - might just be enticed into playing at an online casino if they could somehow use their video-gaming skills to get an edge.

Of course, you can already play skill games for money at a number of websites. But the online casinos are still full of fully luck-based gambling games. The time is definitely right for skill-based casino games to make an appearance, and the most obvious way they're going to appear is in skill slots games.
The William Hill Skill Slots games doesn't quite offer the level of skill you might think it does from the name, but until we get some casino games where knowledge and skill can really be put to the test, it's a reasonable place to start.

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