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Photography Cash Contests & Competitions

What could be better than using a passion to enter contests and win some cash. With photography, it's often the passion that drives photographers to get that great shot. So if you have a passion for taking stunning photographs, here's your opportunity to get them seen by entering photography cash contests and competitions.

Winning prizes (or even recognition) is a great thing in any circumstances, but winning a photography competition could get you a lot more than just money. That feeling of achievement that can be worth an awful lot more than just the cash.

On this page I'll be aiming to keep track of any photography cash prize writing contests that I come across. They'll be listed further below. If you know of any photography contests you'd like noted on this page please feel free to mail me and let me know the details. Contact details are on the about page.
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Before we get to the list of open competitions, it's worth taking a look at the video below. It focuses on how to take a photograph that has strong potential for winning a competition or contest.

U.S.A Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 Contest

I love the US. Spent 3 weeks this summer driving across Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Absolutely stunning and will never forget it.

We took hundreds of photos of course...but I'm not an expert photographer and they'd never win a competition. But if you have skill with a camera, this contest does gibe you the perfect chance to show it off.

The US Landscape Photographer of the Year contest for 2014 is launching. The competition's founder was Charlie Waite, a famous English landscape photographer. Just as in many of his pieces of work, the US contest is looking for photos taken from both a rural and urban perspective. Entries must be taken in the US itself, but can be submitted by anyone regardless of nationality or current country of residence.

So the top prize of $5000 will get awarded based on three images in one or a combination of the following categories:

Color photographs of rural US landscapes

Color photos from an urban perspective of US towns or cities

A "you can do anything" category that could include conceptual photos, as long as they have been taken outdoors.

Black and white including panoramic format

Landscape on the move — color photos that have been shot with a compact camera

All entries must have been taken within the last five years, and can be sent in between November 1 through to February 16 2014. The winners for all categories will be announced in April, and those winning shots will also be featured in a traveling exhibit.

Click here for full details and confirmation of rules.