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Betegy Football Betting Predictions
Of all the different forms of sports betting, it's football that takes the prize for being the most popular. Since the days of football pools the game has been the focus of millions of fans trying to predict outcomes of matches.

In recent years the betting markets have opened up and widened, giving us dozens of different ways to place bets in the search for soccer profits, and an equal number of bookies to bet with.

The search is always on for the best path to making money at football betting, and just one of the ways to do it is by using football betting predictions services......
On this page we'll be looking at the different types of soccer prediction sites, how they can help increase profits, and the pros and cons of using a prediction service to determine where your football bets will be placed. Watch out for prediction services for asian handicap betting on the Football world cup of 2018, there are sure to be some great opportunities in the qualifiers and the finals.
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What Are Football Betting Predictions Services?

Football is of course just one type of sports on which you can place bets on the outcome. There are dozens of others for which you can find prediction services, all falling under the general banner of betting predictions sites.

They all work in a similar way, although there are many different types. Basically they'll offer predictions or tips for how a game or contest will end up, and for events that will happen within it.

Types Of Prediction Service

Broadly there are 4 or 5 different types of sites where you'll see results predicted:

Sports News Sites

Football is the most popular sport there is, and everyone will know the big names in sports reporting - BBC, Sky News, and just about every news service you can name. All will at one point or another run articles focusing on the likely outcome of a game.

Tipster Websites

These fall into a number of different categories, but generally they encompass many sites that don't fall into the major news bracket above.

They'll either be independent affiliate type websites which focus on tipping and match predictions to attract visitors that will register new bookies accounts through ads published on the sites, to social media tipping services which operate with the same underlying intentions.

Note this doesn't mean this type of service is bad. In fact one of the best predictions sites I know - - regularly carries highly valuable and well written match previews which provide good ammunition for any profits-focused punter.

Another flavour of tipster site that is worth a second look is one that publishes the predictions of a number of different tipsters in a kind of competition environment. It is possible that following tipsters in form on these sites can give some good winning chances over time.

Bookies & Bookmakers

If ever there was a case of a tipster you shouldn't trust, a bookie would be a prime example. But many bookies do run sections that cover football predictions.

In the main, these write-ups of games are well thought out and can be useful.

Just remember the bookie always wins in the end anyway - they don't have too much to gain from giving bad advice (except perhaps if they were facing heavy losses on a particular game and suggested the result might go the other way, though if that were the case they'd be more likely to attract additional money with some sort of special odds bet offer).

Betfair have a predictions and news section that covers reviews of various sporting events, including football matches.

Algorithm Sites

This is where we get to the nitty gritty, and for me offers the best way of using predictions services for profit.

Algorithm sites do just what they say on the tin - taking vast sets of data collected over thousands of matches and manipulating it to predict the most likely outcome.

Some advertise impressive results, so they're definitely an option we'd want to explore in some detail. Let's take a look a one of the highest rated and see how it stacks up:


First on the list and one algorithm service that appears to boast strong results is Betegy. It's well worth our focus. The Betegy football prediction service is a perfect example of one where everything bar actually placing the bets is done for you. Making your soccer betting selections couldn't be easier.
Betegy Football Betting Prediction Services
How Betegy Works

If you're looking for predictions on a wide number of leagues and tournaments - 22 leagues to be precise plus tournaments such as Euro 2016, the World Cup, and domestic cup competitions - then this is the one.

The algorithm takes into account such stats as points, goals, game scores, league position, struggles, players' characteristics, team situations such as current form, progression, regression, motivation - and ties it all in with latest news on injuries, weather, transfers, manager & coach impact.

The result is a series of predictions on how a game will unfold, and covers a range of markets such as:

•  Home/Draw/Win
•  Asian handicaps
•  Correct Score Prediction
•  Over/Under for 1.5, 2.5, 3.5
•  Overall Recommendation

Overall the recommendations will pinpoint the most probable event for each game, highlight outcomes of games that are difficult to predict, and sort the games by Quality / Probability factors

What You Get

As if all the different predictions on the various betting markets isn't enough, Betegy also delivers:

•  Fast access to all predictions in one view
•  The ability to filter football games by dates, leagues, odds & probability
•  Ways to easily spot high probability outcomes with high odds
•  Sorting capability
•  Export all data to CSV
•  Bet Tracker which will let you add matches directly, track bet successes or failures, and organise betting activity

If you want to find out more then just head over to the Betegy site. It's all laid out in an easy to follow format, but the video below should help make up your mind whether it's worth a second look or not.

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership of Betegy works on a straightforward subscription basis.

For the rest of Euro 2016 it's €9.99
Monthly subscription is €19.99
Annual subscription €59.99

Betegy - How It Works from Betegy Football Betting Predictions on Vimeo.


Forums are always useful for getting free predictions and tips, often from punters just like yourself although occasionally you'll find 'professional' tipsters trying to build up a following.

The forum at OLBG is one of the most useful I could find while this one at the is also worth a look.

Pros & Cons

ere's a whole lot to like about prediction services, not least the fact you don't need to spend hours of your on valuable time finding selections. All the hard work is done for you, and if you find a good one that delivers consistently positive results, then it can bring some reasonable levels of profit.

You do need to be disciplined of course, but that's true of any form of sports betting. Provided you're using a reliable service and keep your head the upsides are positive.

On the negatives, the main drawback is in any subscription costs. They normally won't break the bank though and most options can be trialled for a reasonable sum. Doing your homework and research will help - it's fairly easy to spot any downright fraudulent sites and narrow down any trials to those that really do seem to have something.
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