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Online poker is an easy to learn, yet complex game which appeals to players who want to experience excitement and thoughtful entertainment. It's allure and sense of choice is increased by the vast range of different poker games on offer. When these different versions of poker games are coupled with the differing rules and strategies involved, it becomes easy to see why poker has famously become one of the most widely enjoyed online games.

Generally the different variations of poker games and their rules are straightforward to understand - with the complexities becoming apparent the further you investigate the strategies involved with playing each type successfully. In addition, when selecting a type of poker game on which to focus,  you need to consider the variations within each game type as well. Cash or ring games at limit or no limit no limit and the huge range of poker tournaments are good examples.

These very reasons means that usually your best option for success is by focussing on one type of poker game before attempting to increase the types of games you play in.

In this section we're aiming to list and describe the basics of the most popular poker game variants, with short descriptions and links to further detailed information.

Ring Games

Poker ring games are real money games played on tables where you join or leave at any time. In a ring game, you can take a free seat at any table and play against your opponents for as long as your cash holds out.  Options for playing ring games are endless, with the poker rooms offering a wide selection of cash games with stakes that range from play money and very small limits - right on up to the higher amounts.

Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are extremely popular with online poker players. The poker rooms offer a massive choice of poker tournaments that run pretty much 24 hours per day - from freerolls right on up through low cost buy ins and up to higher entry levels for some of the most valuable prizes.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is widely recognised as the king of poker games - a complete test of skill and character often seen on TV in televised tournaments and also played in the major land based tournaments. Our site here is dedicated to Texas Holdem, though we also cover additional information on other types of poker games.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is probably the second most popular poker game variant - it has two main types - Hi Lo or Straight Omaha. Ring games and tournaments are available to play just as in Texas Holdem. Players are  four cards and the aim is to form the best hand from two of them,  plus three of the five community cards.

Stud Poker

Stud Poker is also widely known and has a number of different types. These include 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, and Razz. Stud poker games offer the same range of stakes as Holdem and Omaha, though games may be slightly more difficult to find.

7 Card Stud
Played over five betting rounds with seven cards. The target is to form the winning  hand using five of the seven cards. In 7 card stud, you're playing with your own two cards, four cards which are face up on the table, and one unknown card which remains face down. 


Razz is effectively played in the same way as seven card stud, except hands are played using ace-five low hand values. Razz games online can be difficult to find.

Draw Poker

Similar to Seven Card Stud, Draw Poker has a number of different game variants. These include Five Card Draw, Triple Draw, and Badugi.  You'll be able to find Draw Poker cash games online, but tournament games are not common.

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw is a relatively popular poker game with different formats on offer including limit, pot limit, and joker games. After the blinds have been placed and cards dealt, there are two betting rounds. After the first round players have the option to change and improve their hand by discarding up 5 of their cards and replacing them with new ones.


Badugi is a four card version of triple draw lowball poker. Highly popular in Korea, the goal is to get four cards of different suits with no pairs. This is called a Badugi. the game uses the same blind structure as other games; however there are no community cards. Badugi games can be found at a few of the online poker sites.

Triple Draw

Triple Draw is another variation of Draw Poker where players are dealt a complete hand before the betting rounds start.

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