The hand every player wants to see, pocket aces is the best possible pre-flop Texas Holdem pair - but also a hand that needs to be played carefully. The temptation when playing aces is to slow play in an attempt to keep as many opponents in the hand as possible, but this can sometimes be a mistake as it gives lesser value starting hands an opportunity to see the flop and improve. Although pocket aces are a preflop favourite to win, they're still open to getting beaten the more hands are in opposition. They're still favourite against two to three others, but as soon as they're against four they become the underdog.

The way to play aces is generally to raise, drive out the lesser hands, and preserve your advantage. Remember that when you're playing aces and watch everyone folding as soon as you raise, that probably means you're not mixing up your poker game effectively.

As in all hands, the best strategy for playing aces varies dependent on your table position. Here we're going to break the playing positions down and take a look at the most effective way of playing aces in each one.

Playing Aces In Early Position

This is the position where you're first to act, and subsequently ideally do not want to give away the strength of your hand. However, remember you don't want your aces to have too much company on the flop. Raising too much will possibly scare everyone out of the hand. In many hands it may be best here to call, watch how your opponents bet, and then go in with a raise over the top or another call depending on how many players stay in and the value of their bets. Now you'll have some clue as to the strength of any remaining opponents hands.

Playing Aces In Late Position

Probably the best poker position to be playing aces. Ideally you'll want to have seen a raise in front of you, giving you the option to either re-raise or call depending on how many opponents you're up against. As an example of strategy in this position, let's assume you're in the latter stages of a tournament or heads up in a cash game. With a low number of opponents, the odds are in your favour enough to raise and try to bring as many chips into the pot as possible.

You can find substantial further info on playing aces by searching on Google, Yahoo, Or MSN.

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