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There are a whole range of betting tutorials on the SBObet Youtube channel, but as readers will have noticed I'm particularly keen on maximising profits using Asian handicap betting. Here's SBObet's tutorial on the subject.......
Bonus equivalents in local currencies in table below

SBObet are one of the most popular bookies for both Asia region and European punters, and not surprisingly are running some valuable promotions for the World Cup.

They're widely known as a leader in low margin markets for Asian handicap betting, ensuring highly attractive odds when compared against some of the  bookmakers who are better known in European circles. They're sure to have some great offers when it comes to betting on the Final itself on July 13th.

SBObet Sports Betting
SBObet Bonus Values For Rest Of The World
A highly regarded bookie throughout the world, SBObet won the 2009 Asian Operator of the Year Award. If you're living anywhere in the Asia region they'll almost certainly be well known to you, but for Europeans this may not be the case.

Don't be fooled though if you haven't heard of them, they'll accept punters from multiple countries including most of those in Europe and the UK, plus Australia, Canada and others - as you can see from the bonus offer table above.

With the scale of the SBObet operation, you'd expect them to be offering odds across a massive range of sports and markets in multiple languages.  You'd expect those odds to be among the most atttractive and competitive of all the high end bookies, and you'd expect very few restrictions on size of wagers or withdrawals....And that's precisely what you get when you sign up for an SBObet account. For the World Cup matches of 2014 they'll be among the leading bookies for all types of promotions, offers, and types of bet.

Sports covered include football, basketball, baseball, tennis, athletics, and many more. Outside of sports betting you can also get involved in financial markets.

One of SBObet's major concessions to punters is in They also have entertainment and financial betting. Every type of punters, whether you are a casual or VIP player, being a member, you can enjoy the benefits of discount betting. SBOBET discount betting means, every player has the ability to pay lower amount for bet than the actual stake amount. On top of that, SBOBET offer an exclusive super odds and fixed odds price on their website.
While the FIFA World Cup tournament is under way you've probably reached this page via the World Cup Asian handicap betting article. If that's the case, and you want more info on World Cup related betting, then take a look at the articles below....
+ Double Your winnings Promotion - Double winnings on any bet up to max £20 or equivalent
SBObet World Cup Promotions
World Cup Bonus - 15% of first deposit up to a maximum of £200 or equivalent currency.