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The offer, as is usual, is only open to brand new Customers. Open a new account - deposit any amount up to £50 - for any bet you place you'll be credited with a free bet up to the same value.

It's the perfect way to build a bankroll for placing bets on the final game of the World Cup on July 13th.
Don't forget that betting with Betfair is betting with a difference - if you want it. They offer exchange betting as well as traditional (more on the benefits of exchange betting underneath the video further below). But they're also not just a sportsbook, punters can play poker, casino, and arcade games too.

For casino players the promotion currently running is a 200% up to £300 welcome bonus, and a nice offer for new players in the arcade gives you a £20 free World Cup bet.

I can't find any Betfair videos around their promotions for the World Cup, this video focuses on the reactions of England fans to the announcements of their squad. Maybe it'll help in determining any England related bets. It's only short, so if you stay on till the end it'll automatically go on to a series of videos talking about the teams in each group.
Betfair World Cup Promotions
Betfair World Cup Free Bet Offer
The cash out feature lets you take your winnings early or cut losses.  You can cash out on single bets and accumulators. You're in control - you decide.

Automatically get the best prices from The Exchange the moment you place your Sportsbook bets.

Regular New Offers
Check out the Betfair site for other promotions such as cash back on specific events.
So why would you want to bet with Betfair?

Quite simply - to get the best odds you'll get anywhere, 90% of the time.

The Betfair site really come in two parts - the fixed odds/traditional betting site and the Exchange. The first named offers odds just like any of the other bookmakers, with a massive range of markets. They'll be better than others on some betting markets, and sometimes worse.

But on the Exchange you'll see a real difference - betting exchanges offer sometimes wildly different odds, often much higher proportionally than fixed odds. Betfair are the World's leading betting exchange, with any competitors left floundering in their wake.