Many of the bookies are running valuable promotions that will remain available throughout the tournament. They won't change on a daily basis, for example free bet offers are almost certainly going to be open right the way through. But every day we're going to be seeing new daily betting offers across a range of World Cup markets and matches. These will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, and day to day. They'll be offered on the morning of specific matches or maybe the evening before. Some may offer great value, especially when combined (if allowed) with the tournament long offers of free bets, bonuses, and cash back awards.

There will certainly be some extra valuable daily offers to enhance your chances of success when it comes round to World Cup final betting on July 13th, the final day of the tournament.
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World Cup Daily Betting Offers - New Promotions From The Bookies
We're about half way through the greatest soccer tournament in the world. If you don't know what I mean then you've never heard the words 'FIFA World Cup' before.

If you're a soccer fan - and maybe even if you're not - then you'll be aware that the betting world goes crazy for the duration of the tournament. This year's betting revenue is expected to break all records.

With the amount of cash floating around, there will be a lot of competition from the bookies to get their share of it. That's perfect for us, the punters, because they'll be making a huge number of special offers and promotions in their attempts to get us to bet with them.
On this page I'll be looking to put some of those new World Cup daily betting offers right in front of your eyes, in one place and without the need to trawl through various bookie websites. Remember to check back regularly, most of the offers listed here will only be available on a match or matches for that specific day.

To set the scene and offer some insight into the best types of daily betting offers to watch out for, let's take a look at why they're offered in the first place.

Why Do Bookies Run Daily Betting Offers?

We've already seen that there's going to be some deep competition for our money over the course of the tournament. Each of the major bookmakers and sportsbooks have their own promotions running in order to help them take their piece of the pie.

But they'll want more. So they'll be working day and night through the World Cup to bring new betting offers to the table on a daily basis. These will vary in type, and sometimes have slightly different reasons for their existence:

Loss Leaders

Some daily offers will be expected to make a loss for the bookie. They'll be designed to hook punters with great odds on what look to be strong favorites. We know that in the end the bookies always win, and they know that too. They can sometimes afford to take a risk on a specific result, with the knowledge that by going out on a limb they get publicity and potentially more registered punters who'll go on to lose in other ways.

Of course the fact the bookies always win in the long run does not necessarily mean that you or I always lose. These loss leaders can be worth watching out for and can sometimes offer great value bets. Remember though that hot favorites do go down on a regular basis.

You'll have seen from other pages on that I'm particularly keen on betting Asian handicaps. These offer one of the easiest ways to win on soccer betting. Watch out for any potential wagers on world cup Asian handicaps that tie in with a special daily promotion, they could just be the ones that have lined your pockets the most come the final.

The Bookies Call

Being a bookie is all about balancing books and money. Betting on most events will be to odds set by the bookies in such a way as to land them a profit whichever way the result goes. Sometimes though they'll make a call - a stand if you like - and be prepared to take bets because they think they're pricing the odds right where their competition are not. In these circumstances, they may choose to run a daily promotion around that event.

What Types Of Daily Offers Can We Expect To See?

For any World Cup match there will be literally hundreds of different bets to choose from. Each or any of these could be the focus on a one day special offer, and almost certainly every different bookie will be running a number of them. They'll range from offers such as money back if your team lose to a penalty through to free bets if the match ends in a draw, and pretty much every other scenario you can think of.

There will be plenty of offers around doubles such as winning team/top scorer in the match plus enhanced odds for win to nil correct scores and both teams to score, and expect to see plenty of action around accumulators. Accas are notoriously difficult to land, the bookies can afford to offer some pretty enticing odds for nominated accumulators.

Probably the best way to see what types of daily betting offers are available is to take a real world look at some of them. Which leads us nicely into the next section which will cover a number of each days offers as they're announced.

Daily World Cup Betting Offers - Sat June 14th

Just below you'll see some links to some of the leading bookmakers who have tournament long promotions already running. Click on any of the images to read more on their daily betting offers.

Here are some daily bet offers from Corals for the Saturday WC matches.

Money back on all losing first/last goalscorer and correct score bets if England beat Italy .

Colombia to score in both halves against Greece 3/1 - max stake £20

Uruguay to win both halves against Costa Rica 3/1 - max stake £20


Yaya Toure to score anytime for Ivory Coast against Japan 4/1 - max stake £20
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