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Betting on sports is one of the key ways you can use skill and knowledge to win money. Mix sports betting with mobile and you get the perfect way to bet on your favourite sporting events without being tied to your desktop PC. Mobile sports betting lets you place bets anywhere and any time - meaning you're always in a position to take advantage of great odds, or watch in real time so you know when to place in running wagers.

On this page we'll examine how and where you can make your betting on mobile devices pay off.

Mobile Sports Betting Explained


Betting On The Move - How To Place Bets With Your Mobile Phone

I bet that you are not familiar with how big the mobile sports betting industry is at this moment. Now that everybody already has a smartphone, and there are millions of people that are buying tablets each and every year, there is a huge explosion for the online sports betting industry in general also.

An interesting study that was conducted in the UK shows the fact that around 40% of all the betting that is done over the internet comes from mobile devices, and around 20% of all the sport bets that are done just in the UK come from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. For countries with greater populations such as some Asian nations and of course the Americas, you can work out from these figures just how big the industry is. As the interest in daily fantasy sports continues its growth, we can expect to see mobile betting platforms increase still further in popularity and functionality.

And with the soccer world preparing for the big event this summer, the majority of World Cup betting could well be seen on mobile rather than desktop.

The four big online sportsbooks from the UK: William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Bet365 have already implemented mobile sports betting apps and this leaves UK bettors in particular with a great number of choices when it comes to mobile sports betting. Betting with these sportsbooks is of course open to many residents of other countries too.

There are also an extensive number of betting bonuses and promotions that are available for each and every mobile sports betting versions of these sites.

In the UK alone, a recent study has showed the fact that the mobile sports betting industry is growing rapidly and around 4.3% of the iPhone users have already installed a mobile sports betting app and  are using it on a constant basis.

Along with that there are also tons of interesting statistics that show the huge popularity of mobile sports betting numbers, but these come from specific sites.

William Hill, which is a famous and reputable operator in the UK, just reported the fact that 34% of all the bets placed on their platform are coming from  mobile apps. It's big business for them.

On the other hand the other popular online sports betting website Bet365 showed the fact that their mobile users spend 5.6 days each month using their mobile phone app.

And there is also Paddy Power which is yet another popular sports betting website in the UK and that has showed also a huge increase in mobile betting with a 50% increase in turnover.

Wagering with the help of mobile devices is definitely enjoyed by a huge amount of people. You get the opportunity to play and win some amazing amounts of money, especially if you are an expert in sports and using knowledge built up from years of experience.

With the help of mobile betting you are never going to miss out on the opportunities that might come up when you're nowhere near a bookies or desktop PC.

Top 5 Android Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Finding the best apps that help you place online sports bets is definitely not an easy task. There are many problems that could occur and that you must take into consideration. It's worth getting a grasp of which mobile sports betting apps are available, and an understanding of a handful of factors that should influence your decision

You'll need to understand any compatibility issues, the bonuses that are available, and also the features and the odds that are available to you.

In order to make your life easier, we came up with a nice list with the top 5 most important players in the online mobile sports betting industry. This will save for all the trouble that you will have for searching for the best. We have tested out these mobile apps and they are by far the most popular and the ones that allow you to have a good time.

William Hill

- If you want to start placing bets via the app that is available at one of the longest standing bookmakers on the internet, then William Hill is the one for you. There is a huge bonus available when you register, it works perfectly with any Android phone or tablet and you will be able to place bets on a variety of sports.

Paddy Power Bet

- The Android version of Paddy Power is able to offer you the opportunity to place bets on any Android phone or tablet. The sports betting is available via a no download version or a downloadable version.


- The Bet365 is a very popular online mobile sports betting app. This is compatible with both the iOS and the Android and it is considered to be one of the most complex, packed with all sorts of features and also an easy to use interface that allows you to place the bets in just a few seconds (this is possible with the Quick Bet feature). Two of the coolest features of the Bet365 mobile sports betting app are the live video streaming that allows you to watch many sporting events on your mobile phone or tablet. The Bet365 mobile app is rated as the best one on the Google Play Store. This is a highly regarded online bookmaker that has an excellent reputation and at the same time it’s able to offer you some really competitive odds.

Ladbrokes Sports Bet

- The Ladbrokes features a really nice app that allows you to place bets on thousands of sporting events. There are live bets available and the results are presented to you in real time. There is a solid rating available for this app and it has plenty of features that allow you to have an excellent online gambling experience.

Betfair Sports Betting

- The app from Betfair is able to offer you a full range of sports betting straight on your Android phone. There are tons of features that are there to help you have a similar experiences as you would on your desktop PC. You can place in-play bets and update or cancel the bets. On top of that you also have access to the cashier.

Mobile Sports Betting Industry Statistics

Right now the mobile sports betting is considered to be very hot. You just have to take a quick look at the financial reports of any online sports betting website that has recently introduced the mobile version of their software and you can definitely see some huge increases in their bottom line.

The huge increase of both smartphones and tablets in daily life is what's responsible for the huge lift of the numbers registered by the sports betting operators that have introduced mobile software versions of their betting platforms.

It’s all about the ease and comfort that comes along with placing bets from your mobile phone - you could be located anywhere when you are placing the bets and you no longer have to be stuck in front of your computer at home or by the office.

The statistics are showing according to a research that was published by the Juniper Research that the mobile gambling industry managed to have a revenue of $20 billion back in 2011. And the projection is that these revenues are going to increase 5 times up to $100 billion by the year 2017.

Another interesting fact regarding the mobile sports betting industry is that the target audience for sports betting is generally men aged between 25 and 49 years - an age spread which contains a lot of people that are buying the smartphones and tablets. This is happening not only in United States, but all over the world.

The mobile sports betting industry is on the rise and bringing it plenty of money, and this allows the online sports betting companies to continuously innovate and bring new features to their mobile sports betting apps. Features include having access to stats of the games that are updated in real time and this will allow you to have a good idea about how your bets are doing even during the moments when you are on the move.

Another cool feature that was recently introduced to online mobile sports betting apps is streaming video. This one is only available at some of the most popular sites right now, allowing you to watch sporting competitions live from your mobile phone.

All these factors have lead to an explosion for mobile sports betting during recent years. Growth will continue, which means you should expect to find free bets, welcome bonuses and many promotions that are linked to mobile version of the sportsbooks. It's the right time to sign up for mobile sports betting and start taking advantage of the many promotions available.

The Advantages of Mobile Sports Betting

The internet and mobile phones are able now to change the way we live our lives. Ever since the price of smart phones went down, and great devices like the iPhone or the Android phones were introduced to the market, hundreds of millions of people have started to buy them. Now your mobile phone is not only used for making calls or sending short text messages, things have changed a lot now and with the help of a mobile phone we can do a lot more. Mobile phones can be considered to be real entertainment systems and what better thing can we do to have fun than gambling.

Here are some of the benefits that come along with placing bets from our mobile devices.

Bets on the move - It's easier to place bets on sports thanks to mobile sports betting websites. You can be virtually anywhere and as long as you have your phone with you, you can place your wager.

Easy to use apps - The apps that are now available have come a long way and are very user friendly. Using them is going to be very simple. You only have to touch the screen of your phone a couple of times and you can place a bet.

Great app features - The features available are becoming increasingly captivating for players. This means that not only can you place bets from your mobile phone, but you can also see the results in real time, and some of the most popular operators out there are even going to offer you the opportunity to watch some of the sporting events via a live video feed straight on your phone.

Bonuses and promotions - Ssportsbooks are always competing for the largest market share and this is only achievable with some really great promotions. The high competition will mean better bonuses and promotions that come as free bets or free money. Sometimes the promotions that are available for the mobile bookmakers tend to be even more rewarding than those that are available for standard online sports betting websites.

Download version or instant play - The bets that you can place with your mobile phone can be accessed via a downloadable version, or some sites will not require you to download anything as you can access the betting platform by using your phone’s browser.

Cool Features of Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Some mobile sports betting apps are just simple and the only thing that they allow you to do is to place bets, but there are a number out there that can offer you many special features that will allow you to take full advantage. The small size of the phone screen might be a small inconvenience, but thanks to some great interfaces you get full access to all the information you need.

Live Betting - You can now place live bets even after a match has already started. This means that you can watch how the teams are performing for a few minutes, and after that you can use the phone in order to place the bets depending on how you see the event progressing.

Watch live sports competition - With the help of this feature you will get the chance to watch live feeds races, soccer matches, or a range of other sporting events on your mobile phone. This is available only for the depositing bettors, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you are really into sports betting.

Compatible with a multitude of platforms - The mobile sports betting versions of software are able right now to work on a multitude of platforms. This means that you can get the opportunity to place bets no matter if you are using an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other smartphone type out there.

Bonuses - Bonuses are offered by all betting operators.  You can get a free bet on registration, or when you make a deposit you can see a nice bonus.

Read the news - In case you want to read the latest sports news, you can now do it with the help of online sports betting apps. This feature is only available at the most popular online bookmakers. It gives you an excellent insight of what is going on in the world of sports and it can be a perfect way to get ideas on which bets you should place.

Real Time results - Once you start using a sports betting app, or you just register for a site that allows you to place the bets from your mobile browser, you have instant access to a full range of results that are updated in real time.

Same login - Some online bookmakers will allow you to utilize the exact same login that you use for the online version to place wagers via your mobile phone. This feature will allow you to be in control of your account and since you don’t have to deal with two different accounts and balances, things are definitely going to be easier.

Guide To The Best Mobile Sportsbook Bonuses

There is a fierce competition in the mobile sports betting industry at the moment and this translates into one thing: great bonuses and promotions available for you.

Here are a few tips regarding bonuses:

Register for reputable sites - It all starts from the fact that in order to have a worry free online mobile sports betting experience, you need to sign up for those reputable sites. Just make sure that you stick to the top 5 most popular sports betting websites in the world and there shouldn’t be any problems. If you want to step outside the top 5 or 10, the reputation of sites can be checked easily as information travels fast on the internet. It takes just a few minutes and you can find a full review of any operator plus what other bettors have to say about them.

Take a look at the compatibility - It is important that you sign up for a mobile betting site that is compatible with your phone. Usually if you use an Android phone or an iPhone, you shouldn’t have too many compatibility problems, but for other types of phones (such as Blackberrys) there are occasionally some restrictions.

Bonus terms - The bonuses available all have wagering terms - just the same as we've seen with any other type of gambling such as poker or bingo.
Sometimes there could be a huge difference between the terms that are available different sites and choosing the one that holds the softest conditions can make a huge difference to your profit and loss in the end.

Compare before you shop - It’s always best that you compare a few sites before you go ahead and sign up, as we've seen there are many factors that you should take into account.

The video below gives a brief introduction to Bovada's mobile sports betting platform. There are a few additional videos on Youtube on other operators. Social networking channels on Twitter and Facebook may also be a good source of extra information. For more general info you can also visit mobilesportsbetting.com.