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How To Spot A Shady Online Sportsbook

The demand for sports betting has grown for the past decades, which was made significant by the rise of the internet. Compared to the olden days where bettors need to go to the venue to gamble, now you just can sit on your couch while betting online.

There are countless sports betting sites you can find that help you satisfy your sports betting cravings. However, not all betting sites are aiming to provide a better service to all of its users. Some are doing under the table businesses, and instead of giving out winnings, they take away money from their customers.
For this reason, picking an online sportsbook to register and use when gambling on your favorite sports needs thorough effort and knowledge.

Fortunately, there are ways for bettors to identify a legit

Here are some ways to know and spot a shady online sports bookie.

The License is Missing

The sports betting industry is in a constant battle of making it a legal entity. Luckily, most states in America are leaning towards a lawful sports betting game. With this, all sportsbooks that highlight the most popular sports betting games must have a full license and should be accessible by the public.

The license will serve as your reference that a sportsbook is legit. If you can’t find a license, then these bookies are surely making shady transactions.  When you access the license, take the time to read, including the terms and conditions associated with it, so you’ll know how the site works.

Bonuses’ Terms are Constantly Changing on the Fly

You might get caught up in a situation where you initially gambled to win a 20% bonus, but you’re only paid 10% when the payout comes. Another way is offered an impressive value when you bet for a team, and if they make it, your earnings are cut by almost 50%. If you experience this, the bookie you landed is a scam.

These are fraudulent and shady activities that an online bookie does to its customers. If they change the bonuses’ terms without letting you know, then stay away from them. Whatever reasons they provide, these activities are not worth risking your money.

The Verification Process Is Too Dragging

Before you can fulfill your betting and earning dreams, you should go through a full verification process once you sign up for a bookie. It is true, especially when you are filling-up the payment options and entering your card details. When the site allows you to go through a smooth verification process, then they are authentic.

However, if you find a site that lets you gamble any sports you like without going through a verification process at first, then think twice. If you request a payout, but won’t give your money because they require too much information when you verify your account, then there’s something fishy going on.

A legal bookie will quickly verify your account in no time.

The Bookie Starts Ghosting You

In case you’re not familiar with the term ghosting, it’s a millennial word associated with someone who used to communicate with you but suddenly went missing in action or stops talking with you without any explanation.

If you are working with an online bookie that starts ghosting you, this is a huge issue altogether. A legal bookie must have all the means of communicating with you when you have problems dealing with the site. When they do not have a 24/7 Customer Service Line to reach out to when you have queries, they are indeed fraudulent.

If you don’t have access to the phone, reach them out via email. A bookie should respond in the stipulated time frame on their terms, and should not, in any way, ghost you. 

The Promotions, Rewards, and Bonuses Are Too Sweet

The best way for the bookies to attract as many sports gamblers as they want is to generate promotions and rewards. They cover the most popular sports or the current league happenings.

If a bookie is offering promotions that are too-good-to-be-true, think twice. There’s a high chance you’re dealing with a scammer. It is their way of luring potential prey and getting money from your account.


The sports betting industry has grown tremendously since its inception, and it will continue to get bigger in the following years to come. With this, many bettors will get attracted, especially now that you can bet and gamble anytime and anywhere with a tap on your mobile phone.

But along with this development comes shady activities and scammers who don’t want to lag behind the current trends too. At times, you can meet bookies that take advantage of you. If you want to
distinguish a real bookie from a fake one, the tips above can greatly help.