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Playing Fantasy Football For Money

Fantasy football or soccer has come a long way since players getting involved were often dismissed as “geeks”. The stigma is no longer relevant, with the increase in interest and acceptance of fantasy games in general. Now there are reputable leagues running controlled by various elements of the mainstream media and even network television groups.

The game of fantasy football has gone beyond the confines of a league or a nation and evolved to become part of an international arena. It is an addictive hobby. The result is that there are some good and consistent opportunities around for fans to play fantasy football for money or get involved in fantasy football betting, so if you want to play games for money then fantasy gaming should be on your list.

How To Play Fantasy Football For Money

The most fundamental step for a fantasy football 'manager' is in forming a squad of soccer players. This needs careful though and attention to the capabilities of individual players, and their likely impact on scoring overall for the team.

So, assuming you've fully read and understood the rules of any fantasy football contest you want to join, you start off by choosing a squad. This team may include substitutes, but essentially that's it for the period of the contest.

Scoring is calculated on the performance of players in your squad. They may get points for scoring, points for forcing corners, points for a goalkeeper saving on target shots.

In the end, if your team has the highest number of points, you're going to be winning that league, and whatever cash prize goes with it.

The Complexities Of Playing Cash Fantasy Football

Obviously you need to have some fairly good understanding of player abilities, but the main complexity in choosing a fantasy team comes from having to make player selections with a budget. For example, you may need to choose 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 strikers. Within each of these groups the player values may vary, so you wouldn't be able to pick the best from each group, or you'd bust your budget.

Where Can I Play Fantasy Football?

The Official UK Premier League Fantasy Football

One of the most places to play is on the official UK Premier League's fantasy site.

How this league works is that managers select a squad, then a team of eleven plus substitutes from that squad for  the opening match of the league.

Scoring is based on performance of the players. Points are earned for playing in a match, playing for the full match, scoring goals, assisting, winning a tackle, shots on target, saving penalties, saves by goal keeper. Points are subtracted for own goals, goals conceded, yellow and red cards, and penalty misses. Captains earn double the points.

Transfer of players can be made before the start of the season. Prizes such as Manager of the match, manager of the month etc, keep up the interest.

Using various soccer news sites can keep managers updated with important news about injuries, suspensions and starting line-ups. Critical stuff for taking crucial decisions on players.

Picklive is billed as the world's first live fantasy football game, a new game that aims to combine betting with watching live football but not in the same way that bookmakers currently offer live betting.

Rather than the traditional model where you enter a squad at the beginning of a season and the contest runs right to the end of that season, with Picklive the focus is on individual can choose any Premier League match, pick 5 players, and get points allocated on how well they do.

Points are awarded for Goals scored (40), Assists (10), Shots On Target (8), Tackles (2). Minus points are subtracted for fouls and yellow or red cards). You're team is competing with all the other managers who've entered, so basically you win the pot if your team comes out on top in the overall scoring. It costs just £2 to enter and the pot is guaranteed to be at least £150 - with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place cash prizes available if there have been enough entries.

Take a look at the Picklive site for more info.


It is easy to start playing fantasy football, and won't cost you an arm and a leg to get involved. Almost all big soccer league sites and sporting networks like ESPN have their own fantasy leagues running. Doesn't classify as one of the free ways to win money, but fantasy football betting does get close with some opportunities to win with very low entry fees.