What Are Betting Promotions?

Very simply, promotions are enticing 'activities' put together by the online bingo rooms with the intention of gaining new players or ensuring their current players are happy and keep returning.

Competition between operators is fierce - you'll have noticed that there are hundreds of different bingo rooms to choose from - so each one has to work hard to promote their own services.

With bingo - because of the simplicity of the game - it's difficult for operators to differentiate themselves. They can do this partially with their game software and many offer a wide range of side games such as popular slots to keep your interest. Many offer very good chat facilities, with supervisors 'visiting' players at random and handing out cash.

But there has to be something more to keep the players signing up and returning, and that's where the promotions and special offers play their part.

The video below is out of date but shows some good examples of promotions which were running about a year ago. You'll be able to find many similar to these running now.
Making The Most Of Sports Betting - Don't Leave Betting Promotions On The Table
Betting on sports is one of the best ways to try and win money. This is where you can use good knowledge of your chosen sport to give you an edge. When used with careful staking and effective money management, there are good chances of making a profit.

Many of the sports betting operators offer betting promotions. There really are no obvious reasons why you'd not want to take advantage.

What Types Of Promotions Are There?

Bingo promotions can include anything from special bonuses to holiday prizes, free bingo cards, and special priced offers such as games for 1p. You'll find promotions offered in both land based and online bingo rooms.

Promotions will also include player loyalty points schemes for regular/VIP players. These normally let you build up points on your account for playing bingo games which can later be redeemed for a number of valuable benefits.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of bingo promotions....

Bonuses/Free Bets

I tend to look on bingo bonuses as separate animals to promotions. Bonuses clearly perform the same task - enticing new depositors and rewarding existing players - but they tend to be longer lived, and you'll see the same bonus offers over a long period.

Different types of bingo bonuses are covered in depth on the betting bonuses page. You can find more specific information on various current bingo bonuses on a separate dedicated page.


Cheap Cards

Most bingo rooms offer nominal fee games at regular intervals - normally at the same time each day. These are often designed to be run at the times the vast bulk of players are not able to play, but you can still find some at popular times.

Guaranteed Big Jackpots

We all love a chance to try and win a big pot. You'll get plenty of chances to play for big jackpots, especially at some of the better know bingo halls. Some guaranteed jackpot games will have huge cash prizes.

Happy Hours

The Happy Hour bingo promotion is normally applied as an addition to the regular bonus, for example you'd get an extra 10% on top of your deposit at certain times of the day.

Free Prizes

Top bingo rooms offer regular prizes to players. These can often be spot prizes, sometimes awarded in the chat rooms. They can also be offered as prizes in tournaments or draws. Prizes you'll often see  include flights, holidays, and cruises. Goods such as home or technology related products and games are also offered regularly.

How Do You Get Bingo Promotions?

We need to consider here how to find promotions and how to sign up for them.

If you're already a registered player and a new promotion gets kicked off then you'll often get a mail or a message on signing in to alert you of anything new.

If you've found a new bingo room that's running a promotion you're interested in  - perhaps by seeing a promotional offer here - then you'll to need sign up as a new player. Registration processes are normally very easy to follow (just email me if you're ever not sure, my contact details are on the about page).

But if you are registering as a new player, don't forget that very often there will be first time sign up bonuses available too. Don't forget to take up any bonus offers at the same time. Most likely you can do both - take the bonus and enter for the promotion. 

Finding promotions is easy. There are dozens of them on offer at any one time. Just below you'll find some of the best bingo promotions I've noted. Chosen specifically because of the player value of the offer.

Latest Bingo Promotions

Just as with the online casinos, bingo operators run regular promotions to keep you coming back or to entice new players. If you know where to look for these bingo promotions then you have a good start to making the most out the cash you are prepared to deposit.

So let's take a look at what they're all about. We'll be examining the different types of promotions that the online bingo rooms tend to offer and where to get them. We'll end up with a list of the latest interesting promotions I've found.

Note that promotions may vary from region to region, depending on your country of residence.  If you just want to take a look at some real life examples of actual current promotions then click on the latest promotions links below for your region.
Find the latest betting promotions right here.

Hand picked, valuable offers from leading sports books.
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