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Paid to click websites

Our first focus on how to win money in Albania is on paid to click websites and other forms of paid to click models, including ponzi scheme investment firms. These have attracted many Albanians who wouldn’t have had knowledge of such schemes before, with many being drawn into opening as many accounts as they could and investing their hard earned money.

Of course this is normally a mistake, and without understanding how it all works they were just spending precious time and money. There will have been some successes though and nowadays there are some sites which are doing very well with the most active accounts getting paid better.


The new trend of having an Instagram account and buying followers is expanding every day in Albania. Once gaining a fair number of followers there is an option to sell ads and there are many VIP people or business brands who are willing to pay from $50 to $200 per post or story in Instagram.

It’s not easy to gain genuine followers with some interest though but still this is a new way for Albanians to make some extra cash.

Buying/ selling cars and other products

There are many websites online such as Ebay or Amazon where businesses are trying to connect buyers and sellers so they could make a profit.

Although still many Albanians don’t know yet how to use the internet and make transactions, the problem is that older generations who do understand prefer cash transactions as a way of payment. Of course this doesn’t help much online, but the younger generations are willing to break with old traditions and to use technology much more in their daily life.

Making websites

Albanians are on in line waiting for their websites to rank, to find the right customers and to build successful online strategies. The new generations -  mostly those who emigrated into European countries or USA are the ones who are most likely to know and understand the power of having a website, from which they can generate revenue from ads or selling.

Sports betting and casino games

Probably the most fun of our 5 ways to win money in Albania, although we all know the risks in gambling or betting and anyone who tries to make money this way needs to be very cautious.

Shortly after the fall of communism and the dawning of a new era of democracy, people were feeling much more free to do what they want. Some  started to open betting stores, and from that point to where we are now, in Albania there are thousand of betting shops with more than 15.000 people working in this industry.

In an effort to protect people from the dangers of gambling, the government have approved a bill that will ban forever physical sports betting and casino sites.   

Of course it’s a fact that most betting shops have their own website and Albanians already know how to play at online casinos as a alternative way to make extra money – especially those living outside Albania who are more confident with websites and betting on sports.

After doing some research we have found a useful website in Albanian language where Albanians can find the best options to play sports betting online.

This website is known as Baste Sportive, and it’s trying to create an online directory of sports betting sites offering the best options for Albanians all over the world. Via the navigation on the site you’ll find helpful information on companies operating in different markets and countries where Albanians are resident.

5 Ways To Win Money In Albania

At winmoney101 we occasionally like taking a look at ways to win some extra cash in some of those countries which can sometimes be overlooked.

So let’s take a look at Albania.

Albania is a relatively new modern country with a history of a never-ending 45 years of communism and almost 30 years of political transition. With such a tough background, you’d expect that Albanians are increasingly looking online to expand their knowledge and to find the best ways to make money.

And you’d be right.

Like anywhere else in the world, there are some useful tips on how to make money in Albania, so here are a few to get working:

Fot further reading see our article on the best ways to win money.